Working to keep Hyalite Canyon enjoyable for all


  1. Hyalite Canyon ice climbing mini-guide by Joe Josephson, published by Outside Bozeman, 2013 edition.
  2. Hyalite winter recreation map – PDF.  A limited number of these maps are available in winter at local sporting gear shops.   So far, they have been free, although each map costs $1 to produce.   This map outlines the area at the north end of the canyon where snowmobiling is permitted and color codes suggested ski routes by degree of difficulty.
  3. NEW for 2014!  Bridger Ski Foundation has produced a map of just the groomed ski trails in Hyalite.  (The Hyalite winter recreation map shows all marked ski trails, whether groomed or not.)
  4. The Forest Service sells Visitor Maps for $10 at their headquarters at 3710 Fallon St., Suite C in Bozeman.  The topographic trail maps show roads, trails, and water features.  The Visitor Maps are designed for summer recreation.
  5. The Forest Service also has a free Motor Vehicle Use Map, which will tell motorcycles where they are allowed to go, but which only show routes that are open for motorized use and therefore do not show all of the quiet recreation trails.  This map lists when each road or trail is opened or closed.
  6. For motorized winter recreation, the Forest Service has an Over Snow Vehicle Use map.
  7. Shooting Restriction Map  Discharging a firearm is prohibited within a half mile of Hyalite Canyon Road and of the South and East Fork Hyalite Roads.   This map outlines the entire area affected.
  8. WRP has an interactive map of the Gallatins on which you can choose what types of trails to see:  hiking only, hiking + stock, hiking + stock + bicycle, hiking + stock + mountain bike + direct bike, or all access (including motorcycle).
  9. This Google map shows major parking areas and campgrounds:

Google Maps

Portions of Hyalite Canyon are in the proposed Wilderness area know as the Hyalite Porcupine Buffalo Horn Wilderness Study Area.  Here’s a map of the WSAWilderness & Recreation Partnership has an excellent page on their website that brings together maps and articles about the WSA.

If you care about what happens with the HPBHWSA and other wilderness areas in the region, get involved with the Gallatin Community Collaborative, which is trying to frame a decision/recommendation on how to move forward.