Whether you want to camp out for just one night or you're looking to spend multiple days in the backcountry, your adventure awaits in Hyalite. In addition to popular destinations like Blackmore Lake, Hyalite Lake or Emerald Lake, Hyalite is a great starting off point for longer trips. A stunning multi-day trip is to hike the Gallatin Crest. Start at the Grotto Falls parking area and take the Hyalite Creek trail to Hyalite Lake. Continue following the trail up to the crest, with a quick detour to summit Hyalite Peak (10,298 feet). You can then follow the Gallatin Crest trail south along the ridge all the way to Yellowstone National Park. Shorter trips are possible by dropping off of the Crest on a number of side trails.

Always carry bear spray (and know how to use it) and secure your food, toiletries, and any other items with an odor in a bear-proof manner at night or when leaving them unattended. Acceptable methods for backcountry food storage are to use a bear canister or to hang everything in a tree, 10 feet up and 4 feet out. To minimize your impact and ensure future users will enjoy Hyalite as much as you do, please follow Leave No Trace principles.