Winter Road Plowing

Since plowing began in 2008, Hyalite Canyon has become an international winter destination with over 250 ice and mixed climbs, numerous back country powder bowls, miles of nordic trails, convenient ice fishing access and countless opportunities for sledding, sightseeing, camping and just getting away from it all.

Through a unique cost share agreement with the Forest Service and Gallatin County, Friends of Hyalite is the only organization contributing to the costs to keep the road open in winter. Gallatin County contributes machinery and staff salary to the project and the Forest Service and Friends of Hyalite reimburse the County for 60% of their costs. The County’s first plowing priorities are the county roads in the Gallatin Valley and then, when those obligations are met, they plow in Hyalite. No plowing is done outside of normal working hours (no weekends or evenings).

Without plowing, and our support, the road will be gated at the bottom, eliminating convenient access to 95% of the canyon. By donating to Friends of Hyalite you help keep the road open so that everybody can access and enjoy Hyalite in the winter.

We post road plowing updates throughout the winter on our Facebook page

We Plow Hyalite 2014 from Bozeman Ice Festival on Vimeo.