Adventuring With Your Family in the Outdoors


With Hyalite Canyon located just outside Bozeman, we have a treasure in our very own backyard. Visitors come from around the world for the world class ice climbing and views. We are fortunate to have such convenient access to the adventures it holds for people of all ages and abilities. Being outside, especially with children, brings its own challenges, like staying fueled. Mix in some frigid weather with the challenge of keeping warm and you are sure to have and adventure. With a little preparation there is more fun and less stress.

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Layering solves the challenge of staying warm. Here in Montana where the temperatures can vary from below zero to the 20’s in one day, having a system to keep moisture off your skin and warmth in is key.

Layering System Top

  1. Synthetic/Wool base layer

  2. Mid Layer/Fleece

  3. Puffy Down/Synthetic

  4. Waterproof Shell Bottom

    1. Synthetic/Wool base layer

    2. Waterproof shell pants/ insulated snow pants Hands

  5. Synthetic/wool Liners

  6. Gloves/ waterproof shell Feet

    1. Wool/ Synthetic socks

    2. Warm Boots

Eating frequently keeps kids fueled and happier in the outdoors and a little coco never hurts! The 10 essentials, which include extra food, can fit inside a small daypack and keep you prepared for any situation.

10 Essentials

  1. Extra Food

  2. Water

  3. Sun Protection

  4. Fire/Matches

  5. Navigation (Friends of Hyalite Map)

  6. Head Lamp

  7. Knife

  8. Extra Clothes (Layers)

  9. First Aid Kit

  10. 10.Emergency Shelter/Emergency Blanket

Adventuring With Your Family in the Outdoors.jpg

In Hyalite Canyon you can spend the afternoon, the day or even a few days. One of board member Suzette Castillo’s family’s favorite places to spend time in the winter is Maxey Cabin, which can be reserved at You can ski or snowshoe in to this rustic cabin and enjoy the breathtaking views of the snowfield (meadow in the spring) with the mountains in the background! There are two cabins one has a table, woodstove and 2 bunk bed sets the other has only a table and a set of bunk beds. There is no electricity or running water but there is a lantern and snow can be boiled for drinking. It is a great place once you are there to relax by the fire or spend time exploring around!

Adventuring With Your Family in the Outdoors.jpg

There are so many places in Hyalite to explore! With a little preparation and time the sky is the limit!

Ciera Krinke