Ice Climbing

Hyalite Canyon is among the country's top ice climbing destinations in America with over 250 routes with varying difficulties. Routes range from the moderate ice climbs such as the historic Mummy Cooler I & II (WI 2 & WI 3+) to some of the hardest mixed climbs in the U.S. Most of the climbs are accessed from the Grotto Falls Parking Lot at the end of the main road which is plowed until March 31.

The East Fork Road is open until January 1 and depending on conditions may provide convenient access to Palisade Falls and other routes. After January 1 you will need to ski or snowshoe from the East Fork Parking Lot. 

Ice Climbing Resources:

There are two SNOTEL sites located in Hyalite Canyon: Shower Falls and Lick Creek. You can check the SNOTEL website before driving up the canyon to get up-to-the-hour information on temperature, snow accumulation, and more.