Snowmobiling opportunities can be accessed from the Moser trailhead in the northeast corner of the canyon. The Forest Service's Hyalite Canyon Over Snow Winter Recreation Map shows where snowmobiling is and is not allowed in Hyalite. Parking is provided at the Moser trailhead. Snowmobiling is prohibited south of the Moser road junction. Snowmobiles must take the first left turn, one half mile up Moser Road.

It may look tempting to take a snowmobile out for a spin on the reservoir, but because the reservoir is the Gallatin Valley’s primary water source, all motorized use is prohibited on the reservoir in winter.

There are two SNOTEL sites located in Hyalite Canyon: Shower Falls and Lick Creek. You can check the SNOTEL website before driving up the canyon to get up-to-the-hour information on temperature, snow accumulation, and more.