Trail Ambassador Program

Friends of Hyalite is a proud founding partner of the Gallatin Trail Ambassador Program. As the population of our community has grown, trail use at Bozeman’s most popular trails has grown with it. Gallatin Valley trails-focused partners have decided to take a proactive step at managing potential conflicts due to increased use on the community trails.

Trail Ambassadors are volunteers stationed at busy trails and trailheads to help promote positive trail experiences for users. These ambassadors provide trail maps, dog poop bags, dog leashes, trail condition reports, and other resources. More than anything these trail ambassadors are a smiling face on our community trails, a reminder that an entire community of respectful trail users is what will keep our trails safe and enjoyable as the Gallatin Valley continues to grow. The program promotes a sense of shared responsibility for our public trails and raises awareness of the trail partners who work to make the trails safe, clean, and enjoyable for the community.

If you love trails and meeting like-minded enthusiasts, please consider volunteering as a Friends of Hyalite Trail Ambassador. Email us at for more information!